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The Wedding Guy
The Wedding Guy

Roger Knight

01935 388296

Why settle for ordinary? Extraordinary Wedding Entertainment is about more than just music. Chat with Roger and see how you can create your own extraordinary day.

Based in Somerset and covering parts of Dorset, Roger D.G. Knight is The Wedding Guy, qualified to cover three important aspects of your special day.

Beginning the day, Roger is qualified to conduct a perfectly personal ceremony as a Wedding Celebrant.

Provided the legalities have been performed by a registrar prior to or on the day itself, Roger can deliver a beautiful and unique ceremony – such as a unity ceremony – created just for the happy couple.

Continuing the day, Roger will then act as your Wedding Toastmaster/MC to ensure the day’s seamless transition through every stage. Roger trained as a professional Toastmaster with the English Toastmasters Association in Essex where he learnt how to master the flow of a wedding day and manage a crowd of people simultaneously, offering the competence and care to make sure the day goes without a hitch.
Carrying the day right through to the evening, once the formalities are over Roger will swap his Toastmaster uniform for the DJ decks and deliver a wedding party never to be forgotten.

From Steam Punk to Rustic, Roger can tailor his disco offering to suit the taste of the couple or wedding theme and provide a DJ booth, lighting and screen for the couple’s own photos to further enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

Assisting the bride and groom from noon to night, Roger D.G. Knight - The Wedding Guy is poised to make every couple’s wedding day extraordinary for all the right reasons. For more information visit

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