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Monkey Puzzle
Monkey Puzzle

Phil Wright

(+44) 01460 200 000

MonkeyPuzzle Computers provide IT support to a wide range of business types and sizes across Somerset, Dorset and Devon. Our own business is very similar to many of our clients so we can empathise and provide tailored advice and solutions. Technology isn’t there to be endured - it should support and facilitate your business.

We specialise in helping businesses use new technology to drive growth. We help control the costs associated with IT and the time spent trying to make it all work.

Many of our clients have successfully moved from having capital tied up in IT hardware to running a leaner, subscription based, web-delivered model which is more flexible and easily scalable.

We pride ourselves that when you call MonkeyPuzzle Computers you will speak to one of our technicians, someone who can assist right away. No receptionists or call queues, we are here to help.

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